The Tiniest Museum in NYC // Wandering the Lower East Side

This heat! I know. It sucks. After days of moving as little as possible in barely-air-conditioned rooms, I am itching to get out and wander a bit. Luckily, the heat is supposed to break on Sunday, and New Yorkers can take to the streets without fear of heat stroke once again.

A few weekends ago, E and I decided to stroll through some neighborhoods we don’t spend much time in: Chinatown and the Lower East Side. One of our stops was a teeny, tiny museum located in a freight elevator shaft in an alley in Tribeca. Sound fishy? It certainly felt a little fishy. But I am here to tell you that the museum is indeed real, and it’s pretty neat.


It is usually open on weekends, but was unexpectedly closed the day we wandered through. (You can get updates on operating hours on the museum’s twitter feed.) Still, there is a window on the street that you can peer through, and a plaque posted on the building with a number you can call to access the audio guide. The collection is quirky, and the mundane objects are brought to life by the stories around them.

While you’re in the neighborhood, here are some other gems to check out: