Just a Reflektor


Not to get all Empire Records on you, but, IT’S ARCADE FIRE DAY! I am leaving work early to jump in the car and head to Atlanta to dance my ass off in the relative cold of 60-degree weather while wearing a whole mess of sequins and facepaint. I cannot wait.

I last saw them at a “secret” pre-album-launch show in Brooklyn in October. The tickets went on sale just a day or two before the event, and then I lined up with 3000 of my fellow New Yorkers to stand in a raw warehouse space in Bushwick. They basically put tinsel on everything and called it a day, and it was perfect. There was a stage at the front of the room, and the band was announced on that stage, and then the curtain wall nearest me dropped to reveal a secret stage where the band would actually be performing. A fantastic bait-and-switch, although I might not think so if I’d been jockeying for a position around the decoy stage. At the end of the night, a drumline formed following Win Butler’s DJ set, and their beats rang in my ears throughout the cab ride back to Queens, the Manhattan skyline pulsing across the East River.

Now that I’ve been listening to this album for months, I’m excited to enjoy it live again, this time in Atlanta. With even more sparkles.

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