Spring is Springing!

The warm weather finally feels like it’s going to stick around this time, probably because it’s coupled with longer days, magnolia blossoms, and an explosion of spring flowers at the greenmarket I stroll through on my way to work. Yesterday, I had nonstop meetings all day long, so I only managed to sneak outside for about 5 minutes to grab lunch, but it was really hard to convince myself to go back inside, let me tell you. On my way to the subway at the close of business, I stopped to enjoy the park for a few minutes, and snapped the above photo. When the forecast for the rest of the workweek looks like this:

And the weather takes an abrupt turn for the less-good on Saturday, I feel like we should all get a free pass to play hooky for one day. Or I should at least be able to work remotely from the park, no? Right under that tree, with my sunglasses and laptop…

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