Photos From the First Warm(ish) Weekend of 2012

E and I had a weekend that was the best kind of busy.

It started with a much rowdier Friday night than we are used to.

And we finally found a vintage buffet to cut a hole in the back of and use as a TV stand.

We visited friends in Connecticut for cosmic bowling.

And brought the sunshine in with some lovely flowers.

Warm weather means summer bedding and happy kitties.

And changing the clocks gave us daylight lingering on until almost 7 pm!

After losing much of Saturday to sleeping off a late night at the bar, Sunday was amazingly productive. We made chocolate chip banana pancakes for breakfast, worked on the TV stand swap-out mentioned above, cleaned the entire apartment, went for a walk that turned into an impromptu half hour soaking up the sun over some brews at the beer garden, made a pan of amazing almost-vegan baked mac and cheese, and watched a movie in the evening. As I get old and settle down a bit, I appreciate Sundays more and more as a day to shake the dust out of my life, check things off the ol’ to-do list, and take care of all the little tasks that help us gather our reserves for the week ahead. A productive, happy Sunday seems to soften the blow of Monday morning just a bit.

A very small bit.

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