Connecticut By Commuter Rail

Sunday, I headed up to Connecticut to attend E’s little cousin’s 4th birthday party. E had gone up the night before to go to the UConn basketball game at his alma mater, so I got to train up by myself. There’s something lovely about train travel, even just the commuter rail (on the weekend, when there are no commuters, of course). Things around here have been crazy, both in our apartment and in my head, and I was happy to have two and a half hours to myself to listen to music, read a book rather lazily, and mostly just watch the backs of abandoned riverside factories pass by. Oh, New England.

One of the things I love most about MetroNorth is my departure point from NYC: Grand Central Terminal.

It’s a beautiful train station, with a ceiling to die for, and it’s always bustling with people on their way to or from not-so-distant places.

And, if you’re ever lucky to be there with my darling husband, he’ll spend the entire visit talking your ear off about what a shame it is that they tore down the old Penn Station. And, I mean, he’s right, but I prefer to just appreciate GCT for the jewel it is.

When I got on the train (where I was one of 3 people in my car — ahhhh, Sunday morning commuter rail trips!), I realized my nails matched the ceiling at GCT — teal with gold flecks, and I had to document the serendipity. I decided to try out the combo the night before after thinking about it for a couple of days, and it’s one of my favorite manicures of recent date!

Once I got off the train, I wandered around the abandoned station house for a little while before hopping in the car to visit with E’s family.

It was a lovely day, and in the evening we drove (which, as a gal who takes mass transit everywhere, was its own transportation-glee) home in time to watch the Oscars. This weekend ahead, I get to take the train twice more, and I’m excited to sit back and let someone else do the… driving? Conducting? Whatever, I just know I won’t have to think about it.

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