100 Things To Go

The other day, someone on the Internet (that really narrows the field, eh? UPDATE: It was Kinzie of From a Small Step!) linked to Makeunder My Life, which chronicles one person’s quest to simplify their life. That’s something that E and I have been talking about a lot lately. We live in a small one-bedroom apartment, so there’s not really that much stuff we can accumulate. Even still, we haven’t moved in 2.5 years and have therefore avoided a major clean-out while also going through several periods of stuff-getting (lookin’ atchu, wedding). So, this weekend, as I cleaned up our apartment but still felt like I was drowning in stuff, I decided to take a page out of MML and get rid of 100 things. That means throwing out, selling, or donating, as the case may be. One hundred things sounds like a lot, but frankly, I don’t think it’ll be too hard. Which, I guess, really means I need to do this exercise!

So, here’s to 100 things being gone from my apartment, and decluttering not only my shelves, but my head a bit, too.

Tessie, who watched me clean this weekend, and will undoubtedly take advantage of this process as a chance to climb into every single previously-unexplored nook and cranny in our apartment.

ETA: Minutes after posting this, I stumbled on this link to 101 Things That Can Be Reduced in Your Home. While this list is general categories of things (glassware, for instance), it’s a good starting point, and a good reminder that most of us have too much of just about everything.

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