Project 366: January 8th-14th

January 8th
January 8th: Nostalgia Consumed

January 9th
January 9th: Warming to Mexico

January 10th
January 10th: Abandoned Aviary (Home)

January 11th
January 11th: View From Atop

January 12th
January 12th: Seas So Blue

January 13th
January 13th: Tranquility

January 14th
January 14th: Couldn’t All Be Sunshine

The weather in Mexico was beautiful. Sunshine, mid-80s, just enough humidity to rehydrate our dry winter skin. Every day we traipsed through forests, swam in the sea, and lounged on the beach and by the pool. We enjoyed evenings on our deck and mornings with the slightest of chill in the air. A few afternoons, a gentle rain broke the humidity and reminded us to get out of the sun for a little while. Perfect.

And then, just as we loaded our luggage into our rental car to drive back to the airport, it began to rain. On the hour and a half drive, it began to pour. And pour. It rained so hard, there were several inches of water on the highway. We drove cautiously; luckily, we’d left with plenty of time to spare. When we realized we were moments away from the car rental office, where we’d have to get out and do the walkaround car inspection, we pulled over. We foolishly hoped that the rain might ease so we wouldn’t have to get drenched before our long flights.

We waited on the side of the road with other drivers. An old VW campervan was in front of us, a giant tractor trailer truck behind. After a while, we looked at each other.

“It’s not going to stop, huh?” Nope. The car rental agency representative who drove us to the airport did not have the same trepidation about the weather that we did. He sped down the flooded roads, sheets of water obscuring the view through the windshield. He wove in and out of traffic, beeping at other cars that slowed him down.

By some luck, we made it to the airport without incident, though getting out of the airport would be a different matter. Nearly every flight, including ours, was delayed because of the rain. But still, if you have to have a rainy day when you’re on vacation, it might as well be the day you’re leaving anyway.

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