Project 366: 2012 in a Photo a Day (January 1-7)

I have undertaken, for the umpteenth time, to participate in Project 365 (which, thanks to Leap Year, is Project 366 in 2012) and take one photograph per day. I have no delusions about this mission. I do not own a fancy camera, I do not live a glamorous life, and I am rather prone to laziness and absurdity. My year in photos will probably be pretty boring to everyone who isn’t me. But I’ve taken a photo every day for these first 17 days of 2012, and have already really enjoyed looking back on the days. Of course, being on vacation for 9 days helped — traveling brings photo-taking to front of mind, and usually provides many a subject. But, I hope to go forward and continue taking at least one photo every day, and sharing them here.

I’m planning to share the photos every week, en masse, with only the titles for 6 of the photos. If I’m feeling chatty, I’ll tell the story behind one of the photos each week. I’ve also added a link to my Flickr PhotoStream, where I’ll be uploading them all, to the sidebar in case you’d like to follow along in real time.

And without further ado, the photos!

January 1-7:

January 1st
January 1st: Cozy/Wary

January 2nd
January 2nd: Family

January 3rd
January 3rd: Before the Tree Came Down

January 4th
January 4th: Miscellanea

January 5th
January 5th: Preparing to Leave/Be Left

January 6th
January 6th: Storybook Lands

January 7th
January 7th: Far/Near

For this post, I’ll refrain from telling one of the photos’ stories, since I already blabbered on at the head of the post. I’ll post the photos from the 8th-14th of January this week to catch up, and will plan to post photos each Wednesday as the year unfolds.

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