Friday Anticipation: Friends in Town!

This weekend, E and I are having a friendstravaganza! Our friends Molly and Drew, who live in lovely Stratford, Connecticut, are making their way into the city and to our apartment tomorrow, and we will have many adventures with them! We have known Molly since E was in undergrad at the University of Connecticut. We lived down the street from her when we lived in Somerville, MA, and were on a weekly pub trivia team with her, so you know she’s gotta be awesome, right? Right. Our local friends will join the fun, and all will be lovely (crossing our fingers for decent weather)!

Right now the plan is to go to Octoberfest at the Bohemian Beer Garden (from April to October, basically every weekend involves the beer garden in some way, D-E-A-L-W-I-T-H-I-T or just come visit and we’ll take you, too!), and then get up Sunday morning and head into Manhattan for bagels and a walk through one of our favorite places, the High Line. The second section of this park built on old abandoned elevated train tracks opened this summer, and meandering through it is an absolutely lovely, so-New-York way to spend an hour.

From there, we’re planning to head to Williamsburg for the Brooklyn Flea. E and I have a running list of Things We’d Like to Buy Secondhand, including art and nightstands, but on Sunday our main goal will be to have an enjoyable browse experience. I’ve actually never made it to the Flea before, so I’m excited! I might even wear my hipster glasses, WHO KNOWS.

Tomorrow is also NYC’s SlutWalk, at which I am going to try to make an appearance, so if you’re interested in such things (my own reservations about the event are a topic for another time, but I do support the effort to raise awareness and demand accountability), there’s more info here.

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