Friday Anticipation: Trains, Rain, and Automobiles

Today I wore some crazy bright red galoshes to work. I felt a little silly traipsing around in red rubber boots this morning when it was bone dry outside (not counting humidity, of course, which is still through the roof), but when I put them on before I dashed out to get taquitos for lunch, I let go of any regret that remained. Rain boots are AWESOME, guys! And it looks like I’ll be getting a lot of use out of them this weekend, since the forecast in New York is calling for rain through Wednesday.

Even still, I am excited for this weekend! I’ve been feeling the interior re-decorating bug lately, so tonight I am trying to muster the motivation to make a quick run to Ikea for a new rug for our entryway and possibly some fabric panels to fill the wall behind our brass bed.

Tomorrow we are heading into Manhattan for a tour of the abandoned City Hall subway station with the New York Transit Museum. E and I have been dying to explore the station since we learned of its existence a few years ago, and I finally bought tickets (and the required NYTM membership) for his birthday this year. I am frustrated all the time by New York’s tendency to bulldoze and pave over many of its historical sites, but the city still holds some of its secrets beneath its surface.

The station's been abandoned since 1945. Photo from the Huffington Post.

Then, E’s brother, N, is coming into the city to enjoy an evening at the Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden, New York’s oldest standing beer garden and one of our favorite places in the city. Luckily, it’s also on our block, so we spend a whole lot of time there when the weather’s good. They have a tent set up now that it’s cooling down, so we’re hoping to still enjoy the garden despite the weather.

On Sunday, I have the privilege of attending a baby “sprinkle” for a good friend of mine. She’s having her second child, a boy, in November, and the ladies in her life decided to take the opportunity to gather and celebrate in a low-key way – hence the “sprinkle” rather than a “shower.” I’m excited to see folks and enjoy the day, and to love on the mama-to-be. I also always like an opportunity to head up the highway into New England in the early Fall for some foliage, since the leaves in New York usually just stay green forever and then drop off the trees.

Here’s to a wonderful weekend!

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