Friday Anticipation

It’s Friday! And, at the risk of seeming too culturally irrelevant/lame, we we we so excited!

This is the first weekend in several that E and I have been in New York for the WHOLE WEEKEND, and I am pretty excited about it. Last weekend we went up to Massachusetts for our adorable nephew’s first birthday party and to get some quality time in with family, and the week prior to that we were in Washington, DC, visiting my sister. This weekend we are planning to try a new grilled cheese and microbrews restaurant in our ‘hood, enjoy some beer garden weather before it fades away, use a Groupon for bowling, and maybe stop by the Maker Faire! The awesome thing about that laundry list is that it doesn’t require us to leave our home borough, Queens, at all!

And they say Manhattan is where it’s at. Pshhhh!

I am also on a mission to do two seemingly opposed things: 1) Sleep a LOT; and 2) Clean out our closets/shelves/drawers/etc.!

Tessie will be pretty happy to have us home all weekend, too.

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